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In conjunction with the Day of Day of Solidarity in Support of Boston School Bus Drivers Union – USW 8751:

Friday, January 31, 12:00 Noon

500 Griswold, downtown Detroit (Guardian Building)

Demand Veolia rehire the fired drivers now—B of A stop profiting from union-busting!

Say NO to Union-buster Veolia

See endorsement letter from the Massachusetts AFL-CIO: Day of Solidarity

Reinstatefired union leaders

On October 8, 2013, Veolia Transportation suspended five Boston school bus drivers after they engaged in legally protected union activity. In November four of them were fired. Veolia currently holds the contract for the privatized school transportation system in Boston. Veolia is a giant French company with a global reach. Veolia oppresses and exploits, busts unions, and harms the environment all over the world. Unions in California, Florida, Arizona, England, Sweden, Finland and France have all had disputes with Veolia and currently Veolia Super Shuttle workers at the Baltimore-Washington airport are protesting sub-minimum wage and deplorable working conditions. The company’s “environmental services” division has been blamed for the release of toxic chemicals and is involved in “fracking.” By providing transportation and waste removal services to illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine Veolia profits from Israeli apartheid. These are just a few examples.

The Dutch group BankTrack has identified seven banks who are major Veolia investors: Deutsche Bank, JPMorganChase, UBS, Barclays, MorganStanley, the Belgian bank Belfius and Bank of America.

Most of of these banks just happen to be the same banks who are destroying Detroit!

First the banks created the racist subprime mortgage crisis, forcing mass numbers of Detroiters out of their homes. Then they bled the city dry with exorbitant interest rates. Bank of America and UBS are the culprits in the now-infamous interest rate swap swindle. Barclays wants to saddle Detroit with another high interest loan to pay of B of A and UBS. Union retirees’ pensions are threatened. From Boston to Detroit to Palestine, these criminal bankers and corporations must be challenged!

The Boston School Bus Union Five have called on supporters around the country to stand with them on or around February 1.

Sponsors: Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice, mecawi.org, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, moratorium-mi.org

For more information, call 313-680-5508

Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Date: Sat. 02/01/2014 – 1:00pm
Location Name: Veolia Bus Yard and Corporate Offices
Address: Hoyt and Dorchester Street, Dorchester, MA


Sponsored by the United Steelworkers International, USW 8751 and endorsed by the Mass AFL-CIO, Greater Boston Labor Council, Coalition for Equal Quality Education, City Councilor Charles Yancey, Chuck Turner, Charles Clemons, Founder TOUCH 106.1 Radio and a broad coalition of Labor and Community.

Let’s Drive Veolia’s Union Busting Out ot Boston!

Despite signing an agreement to honor all terms and conditions of the USW 8751 contract on June 18, 2013, since Veolia took over management of the Boston School Bus transportation on July 1, 2013 they blatantly and systematically violated nearly every article regarding wages, benefits and working conditions and repudiated the established grievance and arbitration procedures. From July to October over 175 individual and class action grievances were filed. In September the Steelworkers filed 18 Unfair Labor Practices charges with the National Labor Relations Board. On October 7th the company attempted to force the drivers to fill out new hire applications. The members also knew that due to the Federal Government shutdown at the time they had no redress available. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

On the morning of October 8th the drivers reported to work and demanded a meeting with Veolia, whose top management as well as BPS officials were onsite at the bus yards, concerning their total failure to honor the contract. They refused for hours, then at 11:00 am locked the gates and evicted the drivers under threat of arrest for trespassing. The workers request for a meeting is protected concerted union activity and the company’s lockout was not only a violation of the contract but of federal law. There never was a wild cat strike. This was a cruel hoax perpetrated against the union by Veolia with the aid of former Mayor Menino and his School Department and the Boston media. When Boston City Council called a hearing to investigate the events of October the 8th Veolia, the Administration and Boston Public School officials boycotted. The City Council has vowed to continue the investigation. Veolia in a clear attack on the organizational backbone of the union singled out the four leaders for firing. They have been out since the first week of November.

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