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Rally to Support Injured Colombian Autoworkers

Sunday, Sept. 7

4 – 5:30 pm

COBO Center (1 Washington Blvd at Jefferson, Detroit)

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Left - GM CEO Mary Barra, Right - Columbian workers

Left – GM CEO Mary Barra, Right – Columbian workers


“…if you are aware of a potential problem affecting safety or quality and you don’t speak up, you are a part of the problem. And that is not acceptable.

If you see a problem that you don’t believe is being handled properly… contact me directly.”

— Mary Barra, GM CEO, June 5, 2014

Mary Barra was talking about the sloppy design flaws of GM cars which resulted in hundreds of fatalities and injuries, and millions of recalls. But what about the safety of GM’s factories in places like Colombia where unions are repressed and workers are severely injured on the job?

Autoworkers at GM’s assembly plant in Colombia decided to not be “part of the problem.” They and the union they’re affiliated with (SINTRAIME), emailed Barra on August 5th, and made two requests: (1) address the unsafe working conditions and illegal hiring practices at their plant, and (2) send a team to reach an equitable settlement with workers who GM illegally fired after they suffered disabling spinal and other injuries working on the line. The union is standing in solidarity with the former GM workers and their association, ASOTRECOL. The fired & injured workers recently began the fourth year of their protest encampment at the U.S. Embassy, with a renewed hunger strike.

Mary Barra is ignoring the workers’ appeal, the same way “Old GM” ignored warnings about fatal ignition switches. This is not acceptable. As union members and defenders of human rights, we must turn up the volume to make sure GM does not ignore the safety of its workers the way it did the safety of its customers. GM caused these workers’ disabilities, and then got rid of them. GM must agree on a fair settlement. Let’s tell Mary Barra to stop being part of the problem, and respond to concerned GM employees who are speaking up!

Called by ASOTRECOL SOLIDARITY NETWORK      web:       email:

Endorsers: Autoworker Caravan – National Action Network, Detroit – Michigan Coalition for Human Rights – MECAWI – Killer Coke Campaign – International Action Center – Portland Central America Solidarity Committee – Corporate Campaign Inc – Alliance for Global Justice – Moratorium Now! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shutoffs – Oregon Jericho – Cleveland Peoples Fightback Center – B Media — and more to come

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