Jun 202012

U.S. / NATO – No War on Syria!

Stop Attacks on Iran!

Stop Drone Attacks!

Money for jobs & education – not war!

Wednesday – June 27 – 4:30 PM

Demonstrate at McNamara Federal Building
Michigan Ave. at Cass Ave. – Detroit

The United States, through the Pentagon and C.I.A,. along with its NATO allies and reactionary regimes in the Middle East, is waging war on the Syrian people.  The New York Times (6-21-12) admits that the CIA is arming the Syrian “rebels” at the Turkish border.

The goal is regime change. They care nothing about the people of Syria, nothing about “democracy.” They only want to make Syria a satellite of imperialism and to re-enslave the people of Syria.

The murderous assault on Libya last year showed that the only ones who benefit from these imperialist regime changes are the big oil companies, the banks and Zionist Israel. The threats and attacks on Iran are also for the benefit of U.S. imperialism. The progressive movement in the United States must stand up and say “NO!” to U.S.-war against Syria. We need jobs, education and health care – not war.

Sponsored by: Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice
(313) 680 – 5508            MECAWI.org


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