Jul 132012

MECAWI presents a Special Cuban Film Showing
“Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up”

Documents the history of U.S. sponsored terrorism against Cuba and the fight to Free the Cuban 5

Saturday, July 14, 5:00 pm

5920 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202 (at Antoinette and Second Ave.)

Dinner will be served at 5 P.M. followed by the film.

Call 313-680-5508 for more information

The film “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up” is a recent Cuban production documenting the decades of U.S. sponsored terrorism and updating the case of the Cuban 5 prisoners in U.S. jails for trying to expose Cuban exile terrorism being plotted right here in the U.S.

From an IMDb.com review:

Award-winning director Saul Landau embarks on an in-depth exploration of Miami-Havana politics through the story of the Cuban 5, a group of spies sent by the Castro government to infiltrate right-wing terrorist organizations in Miami. When the spies turned over evidence of US-based terrorism to the FBI, they themselves were arrested, tried, and convicted in Florida courts while the confessed anti-Castro terrorists live freely in Florida.

Director: Saul Landau

Stars: Fidel Castro, Danny Glover and Saul Landau

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  2 Responses to “Film Showing – “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up””

  1. To Whom It May Concern,
    We received an alert about the unauthorized screening of our film WILL THE REAL TERRORIST PLEASE STAND UP, which happened this weekend. In the future, all public screenings of any film need to be cleared and approved with the distributor.

    Nicholas Santillan
    Distribution Manager

  2. Our apologies.

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