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Jorge Parra, President of ASOTRECOL

Special Guest Speaker at this week’s Moratorium Now/MECAWI meeting

Jorge Parra, President, Association of Injured Workers and Ex-workers of GM Colombia
Monday, Sept. 10, 2012
7:00 PM
5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI
For more info, please call: 216-534-6435

Working at breakneck speed under antiquated conditions at the General Motors Colmotores plant in Bogota, Colombia, over 200 workers have suffered injuries and illnesses rendering them unable to work. After being fired by GM and left with no source of income, these workers formed the Association of Injured Workers and Ex-workers of GM Colombia (ASOTRECOL) and set up an encampment August 1, 2011 outside the U.S. embassy in Bogota, choosing that location because of the 26 per cent stake of the U.S. federal government in GM. This past August 1 13 ASOTRECOL members began a hunger strike, sewing their lips shut, to pressure GM to meet their demands for recognition of their injuries as work-related, reintegration into the workforce for those able to work, pensions for those unable to work, paid health care, and recognition as an independent union inside the plant.

The workers ended their hunger strike when GM representatives from Detroit agreed to travel to Colombia for mediation. Talks collapsed when the most money ASOTRECOL could get from GM was not even enough to cover medical bills and GM flat out refused to give workers their jobs back. “The insignificant funding they offered would have accomplished nothing but convert us into street food vendors,” ASOTRECOL stated.

The hunger strike has been restarted and workers have sewn their lips shut again. Jorge Parra is here in Detroit and publicizing his hunger strike in hopes of winning a meeting with GM corporate representatives.

Additional info:

Still no justice for injured GM workers in Colombia

MECAWI and Moratorium NOW! hold joint meetings every Monday, 7 PM, at 5920 Second Ave., Detroit. You are invited to participate.


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