Feb 232013


Jose Parra, Jerome Jackson at PNC Demo-dec12

Jorge Parra of the Colombian General Motors injured workers struggle and Jerome Jackson who is fighting foreclosure against PNC Bank. This demonstration was held in Ann Arbor on December 1, 2012. (Photo: Abayomi Azikiwe)

Hear from Jorge Parra, President of the Association of Injured Workers and Ex-workers of GM Colmotores (Asotrecol), who recently ended a 72-day hunger strike to draw attention to GM’s abuses of workers in Colombia

Moratorium Now!/ MECAWI weekly meeting

7:00 PM, Monday, February 25

5920 Second Ave., Detroit, 48202

We also will have updates on the anti-foreclosure struggle, fighting the banks for causing Detroit’s so-called financial crisis, and other struggles.

For more info on the Colombian workers struggle, please call 216-534-6435.

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