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For our schools, services, pensions, art, parks, homes and neighborhoods, for jobs for youth and the unemployed, and at higher wages—billions for our hurting city, not for war!


Hands off Ukraine and Venezuela!

Stop U.S. $upport for fascists


Tuesday, March 18, 4:30 PM
Hart Plaza, Downtown Detroit

Ukrainian and Russian people oppose U.S. backed fascism in Ukraine

Ukrainian and Russian people oppose U.S. backed fascism in Ukraine

The Ukrainian and Russian people in this picture are resisting the imposition of a U.S. backed fascist dictatorship in Ukraine. The U.S. has collaborated and conspired with outright fascists to threaten the Venezuelan people’s chosen government and to overthrow the elected president of Ukraine and install a pro-U.S. regime. The neo-Nazis now running Ukraine openly flaunt the swastika and the Confederate flag. These forces have received billions and Washington has committed $10 billion more to the illegal government in Ukraine—money that we need to save our city! Sanctions, U.S. war ships in the Black Sea, U.S. fighter jets in countries bordering Ukraine—the war danger is real. Only the people can stop it.

Sponsored by Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice


Stay informed!
Find more information on Ukraine and upcoming actions at

Variety of downloadable signs helpful for demonstrations:

UKRAINE: What the media isn’t telling you

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) demands
‘U.S. hands off Ukraine and Venezuela’

Veterans for Peace – San Diego:
‘Preparing for war with Russia’

Sara Flounders:
‘Why are Nazi & Confederate flags on display in Kiev?’–030514/

Glen Ford:
‘Hillary and other assorted barbarians at Russia’s gate’

Fred Goldstein:
‘U.S. whips up crisis over Crimea’

Ajamu Baraka:
‘Ukraine and the Pathology of the Liberal Worldview:
An African American Perspective’

Transcript of leaked Victoria Nuland-Geoffrey Pyatt call

Estonian FM says Maidan snipers were not Yanukovich’s–BREAKING-Leak-Estonian-PM-says-Maidan-snipers-were-not-Yanukovich-s

Nov 232012



Detroit-Protest for Palestine
Monday, Nov. 26th @ 4:00pm
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel (west side adjacent to Mariners Church)

From the organizers:

In light of the recent events in Gaza with the ceasefire, we have decided to shift gears from protest mode to awareness mode. We are including an information packet in this description to help you educate and familiarize yourself with the realities of Palestinian occupation. Although the protest has been canceled, please be advised that this is only the beginning of our awareness campaign. Stay tuned for more informational packets, events and emails.
The most common mistake pro-Palestinian activists make is to assume that every time a ceasefire is signed, the conflict is resolved. Unfortunately that is never the case as the occupation of Palestine is a consistent, day-to-day Zionist aggression against a civilian Palestinian population. Israel illegally occupies Palestinian lands, building walls and checkpoints, establishing its own colonies (settlements) on Palestinian lands, and effectively blockading a civilian population in an open-air prison (as is the case in Gaza). All this the Zionist regime does in direct violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (

To gain a better understanding of how Israel manages to sustain its occupation, and what that means for Palestinian lives, we strongly recommend watching this documentary: Occupation 101 (

For those of us living in the West, it has become increasingly difficult to raise awareness on the plight of the Palestinians due to a strong pro-Zionist bias in the media. Additionally, the little coverage the media does provide is tainted with language and rhetoric that attempts to redefine the reality on the ground. For a better understanding of how media bias plays into this occupation, we recommend you watch: Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (

If you would like more statistics and facts about how our tax dollars are being used to sustain Israel’s illegal occupation, please visit For additional resources on action items you can partake in, join the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) movement and learn how you can divest from occupation. Please visit for additional details.



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Nov 202012


Wednesday, November, 21, 2012

5:30 PM

Dearborn City Hall

13615 Michigan Avenue,  Dearborn, MI

Called by The Congress of Arab American Organizations in Michigan (CAAO)

Gaza Solidarity Demonstration, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012, in New York City

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Aug 282012

Thursday, August 30, 2012
10 am

Wyandotte Public Schools Administration Building
639 Oak St., Wyandotte, MI
((six blocks west of Biddle/Jefferson south of Ford St./Northline Rd.)


We urge you to join us on Thursday, Aug. 30 at the Wyandotte Public Schools Administration Building, 639 Oak St., Wyandotte (six blocks west of Biddle/Jefferson south of Ford St./Northline Rd.) at 10 AM sharp.

African American students and white friends, at the middle school, have been victims of racial threats, bullying and intimidation for over 14 months!  This situation has repeatedly been brought to the attention of the principal, the school board, the superintendent of schools and the police who have refused to do anything.  The cops have harassed the parents who brought the complaints.  One of those who threatened the children is now in jail – only because he assaulted a cop who went to talk to him. Several others, friends of his, are continuing the threats.

The parents have called for a picket line from 10 AM to 11 AM Thursday.  Be there to stand with the students and their parents – let Wyandotte know that we won’t put up with this. For more information call 313-680-5508.

Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (

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Aug 012012
Friday, Aug. 3, 5:00 p.m.
Rally for Jobs: “RE-TOOL FOR PEACE”
Detroit Bus Turn-Around Depot
East side of Woodward, south of West Eight Mile Road, Detroit
Bring your own signs


Monday, Aug. 6, 11:00 a.m.
Press Conference
Support the call to reduce nuclear weapons and use the peace dividend to rebuild our cities and towns
McNamara Building
477 Michigan Ave., Detroit


Monday, Aug. 6, 7:00 p.m.
Film Showing: “Victor’s Plea for Peace: An American Officer in Occupied Nagasaki.”
Followed by candlelight march through Ferndale
Ferndale Public Library
222 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale

click on image to download leaflet

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Jun 202012

U.S. / NATO – No War on Syria!

Stop Attacks on Iran!

Stop Drone Attacks!

Money for jobs & education – not war!

Wednesday – June 27 – 4:30 PM

Demonstrate at McNamara Federal Building
Michigan Ave. at Cass Ave. – Detroit

The United States, through the Pentagon and C.I.A,. along with its NATO allies and reactionary regimes in the Middle East, is waging war on the Syrian people.  The New York Times (6-21-12) admits that the CIA is arming the Syrian “rebels” at the Turkish border.

The goal is regime change. They care nothing about the people of Syria, nothing about “democracy.” They only want to make Syria a satellite of imperialism and to re-enslave the people of Syria.

The murderous assault on Libya last year showed that the only ones who benefit from these imperialist regime changes are the big oil companies, the banks and Zionist Israel. The threats and attacks on Iran are also for the benefit of U.S. imperialism. The progressive movement in the United States must stand up and say “NO!” to U.S.-war against Syria. We need jobs, education and health care – not war.

Sponsored by: Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice
(313) 680 – 5508  


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