Apr 162013

No War on Korea-IACenter poster

Despite the claims of western capitalist media, the US and its puppets are responsible for the escalating tensions with Korea and the region as a whole. The claims made by the enemies of the Korean people and the entire world’s oppressed try to project the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as an unpredictable, hyper-militarized, loose cannon threatening world stability and even all out nuclear war. The reality however, is that it is the US and its allies who pose a threat to peace wherever they are present. It is the 30,000 US troops on the DPRK border, the war maneuvers, and attempts to starve the Korean people through UN sanctions that are at the root of the current crisis in the region.

War in Korea will only lead to destruction and the substantial loss of human life that will have a deep impact on the entire world. US out of Korea! Peaceful Reunification NOW!

Information on Red Youth Detroit:  313-556-4966,  redyouthdetroit@gmail.com

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Apr 142013

Korea-No War poster from IACenter.orgBy Deirdre Griswold, International Action Center

April 2, 201

For a second month, tens of thousands of U.S. and south Korean troops are carrying out simulated assaults on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — north Korea.

For the first time during these annual “exercises,” designated as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, nuclear-capable B-2 bombers flew from Missouri to south Korea and back in a simulated bombing of the north. Continue reading »

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